Watch match Belarus vs Albania online live stream 12-10-2010

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The Albania national association football team is the national association football team of Albania and is controlled by the Football Association of Albania. Although not considered as one of the strongest footballing sides in Europe, Albanians are passionate about their football and the national team has occasionally managed to perform well against more illustrious opponents.

Founded on June 6, 1930, Albania had to wait 16 years to play the first international match, debuting against Yugoslavia in 1946. In 1932, Albania had already joined FIFA (during the congress June 12 — June 16) and in 1954, it was one of the founding members of UEFA. Albania had been invited to play in 1934 World Cup, but owing to organizing difficulties, it didn't take part.

In addition to the senior football team, Albania also has teams of U21, U19, U17 and U15 level. One of the most successful is the feeder of the senior team, the U21 level. In the finals of the Euro 1984 U21 championship, they went all the way to the quarter-finals, only to be knocked out by Italy 2–0 on aggregate. They became the only Albanian team in any level to qualify for a competitive tournament. Currently Albania does not have a women's national team, but only a national league.

Watch match Belarus vs Albania online live stream 12-10-2010

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