Jeunesse Sportive de Kabylie (Kabyle: Ilmezyen n addal n Leqbayel), (Arabic) known as JS Kabylie or JSKtransliterated in Tifinagh), is a professional association football club based in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria. It draws its support from Kabyle football fans even outside the city of Tizi Ouzou. It was previously called JS Kawkabi (1974-77) and JE Tizi-OuzouStade 1er Novembre.

( (1977-89). It is one of the richest and most successful clubs in Africa. Their current budget is approximately 2,500,000 euros. Their home stadium is

Tout Puissant Mazembe was founded in 1939 by Benedictine monks on the order of Sanctimonious Saint that directed the Holy Institute Boniface of Élisabethville (Lubumbashi).[1] To diversify the student activities for those that did not consecrate themselves to the priesthood, the missionaries decided to set up a soccer team, baptized Holy team Georges, Employer of the Troop. This team affiliated itself directly in the first division of the Royal Federation of the Native Athletic Associations (FRASI). At the end of the season, Holy Georges placed 3rd.

In 1944 the young scouts became road and FC St. Georges was rechristened Holy Paul F.C. Some years later, the incorporation of certain foreign elements in the Institute would make the missionaries abandon the team management. The team took the name of F.C. ENGLEBERT after their club sponsor, a tyre brand.

To immortalize their first league title, the leaders decided then to add the qualifier of "Tout Puissant" (all powerful) to ENGLEBERT.

After the independence of Congo, (June 30, 1960) ENGLEBERT restructured itself. In 1966, they realized the treble (national Championship, Katanga Cup and Congo Cup).

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