Espérance Sportive de Tunis (Arabic‎, also known as EST, taraji, or Espérance) is a sports club based in Tunis, Tunisia. It fields several sport teams in football, handball, volleyball, etc.

It is one of the four most popular and successful teams in Tunisia and was founded on January 15, 1919. The Stade Olympique d'El Menzah is the club's home stadium.

Mohamed Zaoui and Hédi Kallel founded the club in the coffee shop that gave the club its name: the Café de l'Espérance located in the mythical popular neighborhood of Bab Souika . The Espérance Sportive de Tunis was officially registered on January 25, 1919. The first colors of EST were white and green. In 1920, the club hired a young high-school pupil, Chadly Zouiten, who provided the club with a set of shirts with red and yellow vertical stripes. These became the new colors of EST. Zouiten became president of the club in 1923, keeping that position for the next four decades. Under his chairmanship, the EST was mostly neglected, until its promotion into the Division d'Honneur de Tunis (Honor Division of Tunis) in 1936. The EST then reached the finals of the Coupe de Tunisie (Tunisia Cup), but the club Stade Gaulois prevailed. Three years after its defeat by the Gaulois, the EST team won the 1939 cup after beating the Etoile sportive du Sahel, with a final score of 10 to 1.

Between the beginning of World War II and the independence of Tunisia (1956), the EST was home to a selection of skilled players; the Tunis club welcomed a number of Algerian players like Ben Tifour and Draoua. The EST, a "native Tunisian" football club was now a force the French, Italian and Maltese clubs that had dominated football in Tunisia until then had to take seriously.

l'Olympique de Béja (Arabic‎, translated to the Olympic of Béja and often referred to as OB) is a football club from Béja in Tunisia. Founded in 1929. The team plays in red and white colors and its ground is the Municipal stadium of Béja which has a capacity of 15,000 spectators.

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