Watch match Real Sociedad vs Real Mallorca online live stram 26-9-2010

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Real Sociedad de Fútbol, S.A.D. (more commonly referred to as Real Sociedad) is a Basque footballSan Sebastián, founded on 7 September 1909. Their home stadium is Anoeta, which seats 32,200 spectators.
The club is known in Basque as Erreala or the txuri-urdin (meaning "white-blue" in Basque), from their colours: blue with white vertical stripes and white shorts. The club name means Royal Society of Football. A blue quarter on white also appears in the flag of their home town.

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Real Club Deportivo Mallorca is a Spanish football team from Palma, Majorca. Founded on 5 March 1916, it currently plays in the Spanish first division.

Mallorca plays in red shirts and black shorts with black socks. Their home stadium is the Son Moix, seating 23,142 spectators.

The oldest club in the Balearic Islands, Mallorca was originally formed by Adolfo Vázquez, a republican engineer, who named the club Junta Directiva del Alfonso XIII FBC after the then king. The first stadium, inaugurated on 25 March, was called the Buenos Aires, with a match against Barcelona (which Barcelona won 8-0). A year later, the club changed its name to Real Sociedad Alfonso XIII, which remained until the club was renamed in 1931, for political reasons, Club Deportivo Mallorca. In 1949 they were granted royal patronage, allowing them to use the Real prefix.

In 2003, Mallorca won the Copa del Rey for the first time. In its history, the team spent 20 seasons in Primera División, 29 in Segunda División, 2 in Segunda División B and 11 in Tercera División.

Watch match Real Sociedad vs Real Mallorca online live stram 26-9-2010

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